I'm Germ and if there's one thing I believe in it's dirty hacks, rosin and exposed PCB.

Keyboards should not be expensive, I aim to provide good quality builds that won't break the bank. As such you'll see many SMD components on my boards, both to save costs and reduce size! Cases aren't very necessary, if you don't believe me try pulling surface mount packages off a device you can break. Takes a ton of effort doesn't it? I've been working with electronics for years and figured it was time to flex. Expect many more designs to make their way over into my store.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is a wonderful charm associated with imperfect solder joints, various bodges and flaws. Treat these kits as a learning experience! If you know how to work with SMD components up to TQFP sized, make a evening of building something. If you only have a bit of experience but are confident with through hole components pick up a SMD training kit and have at her. Never soldered before? Get the assembled version and solder on your own switches! Learning is the spice of life.

How To Solder (Sparkfun)

SMD Soldering Playlist

And remember! If you need a helping hand, find other people around you, HackerSpaces are some of the best resources we have.

Here you'll find all sorts of keyboards I'm working on,  if you have a project in mind drop me a line via the contact form or find me in mkg,  I'm always open to designing new products!

-- Germ