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Keyboard science isn't about why, it's about why not. Me and Mujimanic have teamed up to bring you the ButterKnife!

This Chorded Monster of a keyboard is 3lbs of brushed-surface laser-cut 304 stainless steel, perfect for your kitchen, desk or shelf (but try and avoid the dishwasher!)

The edge can be sharpened into a fully functional kitchen knife! However they are shipped dull :)

Each ButterKnife comes with
- Five laser-cut brushed stainless steel plates
- Butter Stick Black PCB (USB Mini) (Tested/Assembled)
- Square-tipped blade, 4mm thickness
- Full-tang handle
- 3D printed handle or wood stained handle (sanded surface)
- 1.2mm switchplate layer (Kailh Choc)
- 20x Kailh Choc Linear switches
- 20x Caps (Black or white)

This ships as a kit, you'll just need to solder some switches in and turn a few screws. If you'd rather have a fully assembled+tested unit, just add in the Assembly fee!

There are colour options for the handle, add the colour you want as a note to your order. The default is Black 3d print! Extra handles are available for purchase as well

For your protection, we're also offering a cotton embroidered apron. This should help keep any kitchen spills off you and your new board.

This is a group buy with a cap of 50 units. After the group buy closes (Jan 28, 2020), units will be sent to production! Expect lead times!

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