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$15.00 USD - $195.00 USD

You're going to be at your desk anyway, might as well do it in style. Meet Gergo, a Split Ergonomic keyboard that's just waiting for you to customize it. This board forms forms around your hands for a typing experience that requires less motion, contortion and strain then a typical keyboard.

Powered by the open-source QMK firmware every aspect of it's operation is changeable, it's a programmable device after all. There's even a graphical configurator, isn't that swell?

Gergo can be built with either Low Profile Kailh Chocs or your favorite MX switches. When built with Low Profile switches The total height is less then 1cm off your desk, and it takes next to no space in a bag.

Available in the following options:
- Ready (Choc Linear): White or Black, and the lightest switches available on the market. If you want ergonomic, this is it. The overall height of this board with the provided risers is less then a centimeter off your desk. Perfect for a bag, or use without wrist supports.

- Ready MX (35g Box Pro Red): Blue/Grey XDA profile keycaps

- Partial: Bring your own switches and caps, this is a built up board that has been assembled, tested and loaded with the default firmware by us. Just solder in your switches and go.

- Kit: The DIY option, Bring your soldering iron and hit the docs. You get a PCB, bag of components and some rubber feet. If you know what the word SMD means, you're in for a fun kit. 0805, TQFP-44 and SSOP packages galore.

Add in some cables if you don't already have your own!

Current revision: Protocol

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