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$15.00 USD - $160.00 USD

Hindsight is 20/20 so they say. After a year of using Gergo I asked myself what was next, GergoPlex was the answer. Drawing on lessons learned, light combos are woven into the keymap, and Chocs are used to make the GergoPlex the most portable low profile keyboard you've ever seen.

With only 36 keys and using many of QMKs more advanced feature this compact layout is for those familiar with QMK or willing to learn.

Like Gergo this is available as a Kit, Partial or Ready.

- Heavy (Kailh Choc Linears): Steel industrial case, white/black caps assembled and ready to use (See main store)
- Ready (Kailh Choc Linears): White or Black, Ready to use
- Partial: An assembled and tested board loaded with the default firmware ready for your switches to be install
- Kit: Bag of SMD parts (small!) and a board

Make sure to grab the Mod Kit for the nonstandard keys!
Be sure to view the drop-down for all options!

  • Image of GergoPlex
  • Image of GergoPlex
  • Image of GergoPlex
  • Image of GergoPlex