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Ginny: Heavy

$100.00 USD - $130.00 USD

Did you really think Ginny would escape the Heavy Train?

Clocking it at 1KG of industrial steel, and only 10keys, this ASETNIOP powered wonder is more then insane, it's ergonomic. It types both letters and entire words with a single chord. It even supports 10+ languages and we've added in a control layer for general purpose keyboard, two of which are for you to customize. Insane right?

Supporting both MX and Choc switches (Pictured left in with PBT XDA MX) Ginny is a brick. It's not perfect either, there's slight texturing to the surface, exposed remnants of the cutting process and tooling marks. But that's half the charm, it's pure steel.

This ships as a fully assembled and tested board, if you wish to install your own switches choose the unassembled option (Only requires soldering switches). For Choc builds the thumbs are done with Black caps, while the rest of the fingers are with white.

- For best results, spray it down with WD-40 before use.
- Unassembled still comes with switches/caps, they're just not installed. Please note which switches/caps you want with your order!
- If you wish for a different colour layout, leave it in the order notes
- Choc builds come with the top layer removed and different mounting hardware, if you'd like the MX fasteners as well, add it to the order notes and I'll include them.
- There's a bit of a lead time with these items!

10 Fingers, 10 Buttons, you can't get more ergo then that. Powered by the ASETNIOP keyboard layout this little number is a exercise in insanity. Available as a Kit, Partial or Ready Be sure to view the drop-down for all options!

  • Image of Ginny: Heavy
  • Image of Ginny: Heavy